Research and development

Our customers can always trust that the products available at the K Group stores are sustainable choices.

We have responsibility to our customers to ensure that the products sold at K-stores are of high quality, well researched and sustainably produced.

Kesko's product research laboratory controls the quality of the grocery products sold by K-food stores. High-level analyses ensure the safety of foodstuffs.

The Product Research laboratory is a T251 testing laboratory that has been accredited by the FINAS accreditation services. It is the only research laboratory for the trading sector’s own brand products that has been approved to comply with the SFSEN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

The product research laboratory analysed 7,350 product samples and conducted 15,076 analyses in 2017.

All new own brand products – Pirkka and K-Menu range products – are analysed thoroughly several times. Each new product to be included in the range goes through a multi-stage survey which consists of lab analyses and sensory evaluations.

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