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November 2017

K Group, Gasum and the Turenki ice cream plant promote circular economy and reduce waste together

Inedible organic waste from 200 K-food stores and the Kesko logistics central warehouse is currently recycled to produce biogas. Now biogas will be used to power the making of Pirkka ice cream at the Turenki ice cream plant.

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20.11.2017 08:09

Hehku is Kesko and Oriola’s new store chain specialising in wellbeing

Hehku, a new nationwide store chain specialising in products and services that promote health, beauty and wellness, will begin operations in Finland at the end of January 2018. The chain, jointly owned by Kesko and Oriola, will open 30 stores across the country next year. According to a survey commissioned by Kesko and Oriola*, Finns want to improve their personal wellbeing, and the new chain will offer an extensive selection of solutions to meet the demand.


15.11.2017 13:00

K-Rauta’s survey reveals where you can find the best home renovators in Finland – See results by region!

Where can you find the best home renovators in Finland? Or at least those who think they are the best.

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09.11.2017 14:38

K-food stores participate in the Pampers-UNICEF vaccine campaign for the tenth time – nearly 10 million vaccines donated so far

K-food stores are taking part in the international Pampers-UNICEF vaccine campaign for the tenth time. For every Pampers product purchased from K-food stores between October and December, four doses of vaccine will be donated to UNICEF’s campaign to combat tetanus and protect mothers and newborn babies in poor countries.

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09.11.2017 14:26

Kesko and SASK studied the production chain of grapes: potential human rights risks related to transportation as well as farms and packaging houses in high-risk countries

A study carried out by Kesko and the Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland SASK on the production chain of grapes showed that the human rights of workers involved in the picking, packaging and transport of grapes in Brazil, South Africa and India are vulnerable to violations. Kesko will propose expanding audits to also cover logistics in high-risk countries.

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09.11.2017 10:00

October 2017

K Group joins Sitra in seeking smart and sustainable everyday solutions through an enterprise competition

Sitra has launched a Fiksu arki (‘Smart Everyday’) competition for small Finnish enterprises in an effort to find products and services that can help consumers make sustainable choices in their everyday lives. The competition winners will enter a development programme where they will be partnered with large established companies and get support in commercialising their solution as well as 10,000 euros for developing their solution further. K Group is a main competition partner, and will be represented on the juries of three competition categories: Living, Eating, and Products and Services.

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31.10.2017 15:15

K-Market donates over 10,000 euros to young people in Helsinki

K-Market donates all its proceeds from the Lähiöfest2017 events, totalling 10,277 euros, to the Ruuti participation system for young people in Helsinki. Helsinki Deputy Mayor Nasima Razmyar expresses her thanks, and sees the donation as an important way to support youth participation in the city.

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27.10.2017 12:49

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