Strategy, value, vision and mission

At the core of Kesko’s strategy is profitable growth in three strategic sectors: the grocery trade, the building and technical trade and the car trade. Kesko differentiates itself from the competition with quality and customer orientation.

The customer and quality – in everything we do

In the future, Kesko will operate more strongly as a unified K-Group, which will enable us to offer customers ever better services and to operate efficiently. The strategic objective is to strengthen the customer experience for consumers and businesses at both stores and on digital channels. The key focus areas include the renewal of the chain concepts, building the best digital services in the sector and revising the K-Plussa customer loyalty system.

In the grocery trade, Kesko's strategic objective is growth in the Finnish grocery trade. The key focus area is the renewal and growth of the K-Group's neighbourhood store network, which is underpinned by the acquisition of Suomen Lähikauppa in April  2016. The K-supermarket chain will be increased by several new store sites and the K-citymarket concept will be revised. In the strategy for Russia, the objective is to increase business and improve profitability in the St. Petersburg area. Increasing the business of the grocery wholesale company Kespro is also at the centre of the strategy.

In the building and technical trade, Kesko's objective is to further strengthen its position in Europe. Kesko is now already the fifth largest operator in Europe and has operations in nine countries. The objective was significantly underpinned by the acquisition of Onninen, a company specialising in the trade of HEPAC and electrical products, in June 2016.

In the car trade, Kesko is the market leader in Finland. In the future, Kesko's objective is to further increase its market share in the car trade in Finland and the Baltic countries.

Kesko's other businesses, i.e. the furniture trade, the sports trade, the agricultural trade, the machinery trade and the shoe trade, will be developed with the objective of increasing their value.

The financial objective in line with the strategy is to achieve a 14% return on capital employed and a 12% return on equity.

In order to ensure competitiveness and improve profitability, Kesko's strategic objective is to implement cost savings of at least €50 million in fixed expenses by the end of 2016.

Kesko estimates that in the strategy period 2015–2017, its capital expenditure in its business operations will be around €750 million, excluding possible acquisitions. 

Strategic objectives

  • Growth in the Finnish grocery trade
  • Increasing the building and technical trade in Europe
  • Strengthening market leadership in the Finnish car trade
  • The best omnichannel customer experience of the trading sector
  • One unified Kesko, seeking synergies

Financial targets and capital expenditure



Return on capital employed*


Return on equity*


Interest-bearing net liabilities / EBITDA


Capital expenditure in 2015-2017

c. €750 million**

*  Excluding non-recurring items.
** Excluding possible acquisitions.




Customer and quality – in everything we do


We are the customer's choice and the quality leader in the European trading sector.


We create welfare responsibly for all our stakeholders and the whole society.


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