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July 2017

Less hidden sugar, salt and fat

It’s a familiar feeling for many of us: we think we eat healthily, but put on more weight each year. One reason behind this phenomenon may be that many products contain surprising amounts of hidden sugar, salt and fat.

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11.07.2017 10:03

Circular economy requires changes in operating methods

Circular economy is a growing theme in sustainability and K Group is undertaking a number of measures to promote it. Circular economy requires changes in established operating methods, and therefore, we are developing innovative circular economy solutions in all our divisions.

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07.07.2017 13:48

June 2017

The establishment of Kesko and Oriola’s joint venture has been finalised

First stores and the online store of the new chain specialising in health, beauty and wellbeing will be opened in the autumn 2017.

30.06.2017 10:08

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority has granted Kesko and Oriola permission to establish a chain of health, beauty and wellbeing stores across Finland

In March of this year, Kesko and Oriola announced their intention to establish a new store chain specialising in comprehensive wellbeing. The establishment of the joint venture has been awaiting the approval of Finland’s Competition and Consumer Authority. The aim is to complete the establishment of the joint venture company as soon as possible and to open the first stores and the online store in the autumn. The chain's name, concept and the location of the first stores will be announced later.

26.06.2017 15:02

Village shop day was bathed in sunshine

On Saturday, June 10, 2017, Finland celebrated national Village Shop Day. All of the country’s K-Markets took part and many were filled with a delightful market atmosphere and hosted communal charity events under sunny skies – as you can see in the collection of photographs from around Finland.

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26.06.2017 10:32

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