K-food stores as ATMs? – the amount of cash withdrawals at checkouts doubles in a year

More and more K-food store customers are also withdrawing cash when they make their purchases. All K-food stores offer cash withdrawal services in places where it is not otherwise possible. There are over 60 postal codes in Finland with K-food stores but no cash machine (ATM).

Cash withdrawal when paying for one’s shopping can be done at more than more than 1,200 K-food stores, which can be identified by the Osta & Nosta (Buy & Withdraw) logo. The service is also available from all former Siwa and Valintatalo stores that have been converted to K-Markets. Up to €200 of cash can be withdrawn when paying by card – there is no lower limit.

“During the first part of the year, the number of cash withdrawals in K-food stores more than doubled compared to the previous year. In fact, there were hundreds of thousands of cash withdrawals made in the beginning of the year and customers have clearly found the service,” says Petri Toivonen, Kesko's Service Director.

In a K Group survey, cash had been withdrawn by 17% of the respondents in connection with shopping for groceries, while the number of people interested in the service was as high as 44%.

K-food stores make it possible to withdraw cash in many localities where there is no ATM or other banking services.

“Withdrawing cash from a cashier is especially popular in the summer, for example, in summer cottage areas and on tourist roads. Plus, the importance of the service is accentuated in municipalities that have smaller populations. In Finland, there are more than 60 postal codes that have a K-food store but no cash machine,” says Toivonen.

Here's how to withdraw cash at a checkout:

1. Before you pay for your purchase, tell the cashier the amount you want to withdraw from your account.  2. Accept the purchase and the withdrawal amount by typing in your bank card’s PIN.  3. You will receive the cash from the cashier and a receipt on which the purchase and withdrawal are displayed separately. Neither the cashier nor the checkout machine see your account or card information. The withdrawal is free of charge from K Group, but different banks may charge their own fees for withdrawal services. You can find out the terms of use for your card from your bank.

Postal code areas with a K-food store but no ATM:

Ahlinen, Hirsua, Hamari, Hinnerjoki, Hinthua, Ilmarinen, Juuniemi, Kaipola, Kalanti, Kalkkinen, Kallaanvaara, Karigasniemi, Karvionkanava, Kilpisjärvi, Kinkomaa, Kirjavala, Kiviniemi, Konnuslahti, Launonen, Lautiosaari, Leppävesi, Lillby, Linnavuori, Lohiniva, Lokalahti, Läyliäinen, Martinniemi, Mellilä, Mustio, Muurola, Nuorgam, Näätämö, Ojakkala, Otava, Pankakoski, Petolahti, Piippola, Saloinen, Sieppijärvi, Siivikkala, Sinettä, Sundom, Tarvasjoki, Vahto, Vanhalinna, Vanttauskoski, Visuvesi, Vuorentausta, Vårdö, Ylläsjärvi, Övermalax

* Source: Survey of Store Services and Gift Cards (6 April -20 April 2017, N = 839), K Digital Research Services.

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