Working community

Kesko and K-stores offer varied career and development opportunities in different trading sector jobs. We want to be the most attractive workplace in the trading sector, with satisfied employees and competent supervisors.

The K-Group can offer you a varied career in many trading sector jobs, which vary from retail store duties to retailer entrepreneurship and specialist and supervisory jobs in different sectors.

Young people are offered various training and summer jobs, most of which are at K-stores. Kesko also employs thousands of summer employees, job trainees, young people for short-term orientation to working life and for short-term jobs called ’Learn and Earn’.

Many young people start their careers with summer jobs, often at their local K-store. The K-Group annually employs a total of approximately 5,000 summer employees, of whom 3,800 at K-stores and 1,200 at Kesko Group.

As the operating environment and customer needs change, the continuous development of employee competence is increasingly important.

Diversity in the working community

A pluralistic organisation that supports diversity ensures equal opportunities, rights and treatment for all. Equality, justice and non-discrimination are important principles followed at Kesko throughout the employment relationship.

A permanent operating model for employing disabled people at K-stores was created with the ’Many kinds of performers’ project.

In 2013, Kesko and the K-Retailers’ Association launched the ‘Youth Guarantee in the K-Group’ programme, which aimed to provide a job, a work trial or an apprenticeship in the K-Group for 1,000 young people threatened by social exclusion by the end of 2014. The target group also included young immigrants and young people with disabilities. By the end of 2015, more than 2,500 young people had found employment in the form of a work trial, through wage support and apprenticeship training.

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