Responsible operator

Kesko’s operations have an impact on the whole of society. Our responsible working principles guide all our operations. We follow good corporate governance and improve financial profitability together.

The operations of Kesko generate economic benefits for shareholders, personnel, retailers, suppliers and service providers and their employees, customers, as well as municipalities and states.

Purchases of Finnish products and services generate economic benefits for our country and promote local work. Kesko purchases most of the products it sells from Finland and encourages K-retailers to include local products in their selections.

Kesko is a significant taxpayer: in addition to the income and real estate taxes Kesko pays, it collects, reports and remits indirect taxes, such as value added taxes and excise taxes.

Good corporate governance

Kesko is committed to the best practices of good corporate governance: openness and transparency and the promotion of the best interests of the company and all of its shareholders.

Kesko’s values and the K Code of Conduct guide Kesko’s decision-making, corporate governance and the work of employees at Kesko and K-stores.

Read more in Kesko's Annual Report.

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