For the benefit of the community

A local approach and K-retailers are the competitive advantages of the K-Group. Retailers know the local community and the needs of their customers. Together with its partners, Kesko and K-stores are building a better society.

All food, building and home improvement, and agricultural stores in the K-Group in Finland are run by K-retailer entrepreneurs. Many of the K-stores are family businesses, headed by a retailer couple.

K-retailers listen to the wishes of their customers and create the selection and services that respond to their needs. The common product selection of the chain is complemented with local food from nearby producers, for instance. K-retailers' direct purchases from Finnish regions in 2015 totalled €610million.

The store and the web as a meeting place

Retail stores offer various shopping and other services and act as meeting places in many localities. Outside growth centres in particular, a store is able to provide services for the public good which could otherwise be difficult to access. K-food stores have long experience in providing postal services and Posti already has service points at about 170 stores. 

Social media provides new opportunities for interaction with consumers. Kesko and its chains as well as K-retailers engage in active dialogue with customers and other stakeholders on social media.

Support for children and the young

The main emphasis in Kesko's and K-stores' sponsorship activities is on providing support to children and the young. At any given time, Kesko's sponsorship is targeted at a few projects that affect a large number of consumers. In 2015, Kesko and its subsidiaries gave financial support worth approximately €1.5 million to various communities and organisations.

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