Working community

We carry out and offer high-quality work.
  • We have satisfied employees and competent managers.
  • We offer interesting and diverse work as well as development opportunities.
  • We are the most attractive workplace in the trading sector.
  • We offer a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Our personnel act responsibly.
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We are the best employer in the trading sector in terms of job satisfaction.

We launched the K-job programme, the purpose of which is to provide those aged under 30 with channels to find a job in the K Group. We particularly focused on guiding ‘Learn and Earn’ trainees, young people in short-term work orientation, and summer employees. In the Universum Professionals survey, Kesko's ranking was 31.

The employee engagement index was 61%. The percentage of employees who would recommend the K Group as an employer has gone up to 68%, according to the personnel survey (56% in the previous survey in 2014). In the Universum Professionals survey, Kesko's ranking was 38.

We continued to employ young people by offering summer jobs to approximately 5,500 young people. We organised a K Digital Trainee programme, and, through that, employed five graduates in business development jobs.

Together with FIBS we conducted a diversity management starting point analysis in Finland and we will utilise its outcomes to develop our operations.

We determined our employer promise and, in accordance with it, we will develop, for example, our cooperation with educational establishments and reinforce our recruitment and induction processes.

According to our personnel survey, 79% of K Group employees would recommend the group as an employer. In the Universum Professionals survey, Kesko's ranking was 25.

We continued to employ young people by offering summer jobs to approximately 5,000. As part of the Finland's Mentors project, we carried out a K Trainee Programme.

We surveyed views and opinions from current and potential employees, as well as expectations towards K Group as an employer and general expectations of working life. Based on the findings, we redefined our plans for improving employee experience and our recruitment process. We initiated pilots to increase agility in our work practices. We adopted a common operating practice for mapping out employees’ career aspirations, skills and competencies and willingness to evolve and take on more challenging positions within the company.

Performance management

We know the targets set for our work and receive feedback on our performance.

In 2017, we launch, in stages, the new performance management model and the K Success Factors systems that support it.

We introduced a new performance management model and K SuccessFactors, a system supporting the model, for support functions in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The model comprises target setting linked to strategy and follow up, personal development reviews and development plan, and performance evaluation tied to performance bonus. We will use the model to systematically guide the performance of employees and the organisation to implement our strategy, reward good performance, develop employee competencies, support target achievement, and prepare for future challenges.

Wellbeing at work and occupational ability

We improve work motivation and satisfaction.

The focal point of the wellbeing at work programme was to support employees' health and reduce sickness absences, developing safety at work and strengthening the role of labour protection as well as promoting employee engagement and implementing the people principles.

The focal point of the wellbeing at work programme was the comprehensive and business-oriented development of OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) operations. We enforced the monitoring of key figures to improve proactive work and to support management by information. Furthermore, we implemented other proactive measures, such as new health training.

We also launched an occupational safety project whose aim is to further develop our occupational safety culture and shared operating models. We also made labour protection more systematic and developed the ways in which it is organised.

We support our employees' leisure time fitness activities in all our operating countries. The Finnish companies, for example, provide vouchers for physical exercise and cultural benefits.

The key focus area was to develop our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) operations through management by information supporting business. We systematically monitored key OHS indicators and developed different areas from a business perspective. We launched international OHS and wellbeing principles in K Group. 

We improved stress management skills among personnel through mindfulness training. We continued health training and introduced wellbeing programmes directed at managers.  

We launched common occupational safety principles and operating models in Finland, and carried out pilots to improve occupational safety. We streamlined the labour protection organisation to reflect our current operating premises and organisation structure.

We reduce sick leave, accidents at work and premature retirement due to disability.

We focused on reducing the number of sick leave and premature retirements due to disability by means of occupational health service activities, the Let's Talk About Work training for managers, work revision, occupational rehabilitation and the work done by the Work Ability Manager working in the OHS team. The Work Ability Manager’s activities support the employee’s return to work, while considering various options for continuing at work. Sick leave has continued to decrease.

We focused on reducing sick leave, accidents at work and premature retirement due to disability. The Let's Talk About Work training for managers continued and over the last five years, more than 1,000 managers have been trained.

We piloted work induction services. We will reduce sick leave in the long term with a project which has a systematic take on labour protection and safety at work. We developed a unified accident insurance management model, which we will launch in 2017.

We continued to focus on decreasing sick leaves, accidents at work and premature retirement due to disability. Although the numbers for premature retirement due to disability are well under control considering the size of the company, we are paying more attention to the management of risks for occupational ability and the related costs.

Training for the Let's Talk About Work operating model is part of the occupational ability management training for managers.

Skills management

We conduct an annual performance and development review with every employee.

Performance and development reviews apply to all employees, and in 2015, they were carried out twice: in the spring and in the autumn. The realisation of the discussions was requested in the personnel survey that was conducted in the beginning of 2016. The response rate to the survey was 85%. A total of  80% of employees that responded to the survey had had their reviews carried out during 2015.

The performance and development reviews were used in all Kesko Group companies and operating countries. The performance and development reviews were carried out at least twice, in the spring and/or in the autumn. In 2017, we launch, in stages, the new performance management model and the K Success Factors systems that support it. In the future, we will record the development reviews in the K Success Factors systems.

The performance and development reviews continued and are part of the new performance management model adopted for support functions in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

We will regularly train our managers.

The emphasis was on the implementation of the K Group’s operating principles, challenging situations faced by managers, leading a new team, effective management and how to use the personnel survey results to develop the team.

The first training programme promoting the K Group’s new management culture was entitled ‘K-Way new managers’ and was piloted towards the end of the year. Managerial training for Kesko's personnel was taken a total of nearly 700 times. Online training modules for managers were completed approximately 3,700 times.

We continued the K-Way new managers training programmes, K-Way experienced managers training programmes and Let's Talk About Work training programmes. In total, 363 managers participated in these training programmes. 

The topic for the new Mindfulness training was understanding and training your own mind as well as efficiency. 17 managers from Finland participated in the training. The objective of the new K-Way Middle Management Leader training programme was to strengthen the skills for strategy implementation and business competence. The training programme had a total of 22 participants from all operating countries. In Russia, we started a new K-Way Leader training programme that aims to strengthen management competence and managerial skills in the K Group. The training programme was attended by 12 managers.

In 2017, we will continue to organise the K-Way managerial trainings and start a new development programme for top management. We will continue spreading the coaching and mentoring processes that support managerial work.

The consistent development of managerial work continued in support of our strategy. Manager training included the K Way training programme for new and experienced managers, the international K Way Middle Management Leader programme, and training related to the performance management model. A total of 727 managers took part in manager training. We will continue to systematically develop our training portfolio to meet future needs. In 2018, we will update our manager training and expand the concept to Poland and Norway.

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