Responsible purchasing and sustainable selections

Our products are verified, safe and responsibly produced. We offer an extensive selection of own brand products with responsibility labelling. We monitor and develop responsibility in supply chains with suppliers’ factory audits and responsibility trainings.



Progress in 2018

Sustainability policies guiding our sourcing


Supply chain

The social responsibility of the production of own direct imports from high-risk countries has been assured. A total of 190 of Kesko’s suppliers' factories or plantations in high-risk countries underwent full amfori BSCI audits. In addition, 135 suppliers’ factories or plantations underwent amfori BSCI follow-up audits. At the beginning of 2019, Kesko’s suppliers in high-risk countries had a total of 585 valid social responsibility audits.
  We assure the responsibility of the ingredients (Tier 2) of own brand Pirkka and K-Menu food products. In 2015, we began the investigation of the ingredients and risk analysis of Pirkka and K-Menu food products. In 2015–2018, a risk analysis has been carried out on a total of 2,240 food products under Kesko’s own brands.
  We identify and take account of water risks in our supply chain. We conducted an extensive survey on the water risks related to our own avocado purchases. On the basis of the investigation covering 280 primary producers, we will be able to focus our purchases more in areas with the lowest water risk. Purchases from the most problematic area, Petorca, Chile, were terminated.

Own brand products with responsibility labelling

We offer an extensive selection of own brand products with responsibility labelling

Grocery trade’s Pirkka range:

• 286 Hyvää Suomesta - Produce of
Finland products
• 153 Key Flag symbol products
• 123 Organic products
• 111 Seed leaf label products
• 86 Nordic Swan label products
• 23 Fairtrade products
• 48 UTZ-certified products
• 40 MSC-certified fish products
• 4 ASC-certified fish products
• 5 Finnish Allergy label products
• 3 EU Ecolabel products

Kespro’s Menu range:

• 12 Hyvää Suomesta - Produce of
Finland products
• 27 Key Flag symbol products
• 8 Organic products
• 21 Seed leaf label products
• 20 Nordic Swan label products
• 4 Fairtrade products
• 10 UTZ-certified products
• 25 MSC-certified fish products
• 3 ASC-certified fish products
• 1 Finnish Allergy Label products

Building and technical trade’s Cello range:

• 1,006 Key Flag symbol products
• 30 Nordic Swan label products
• 262 Finnish Allergy Label products
• 63 M1 label products

Product safety

The product safety of K Group’s selections is verified. The Product Research laboratory and test kitchen analysed a total of 7,678 product samples. 522 suppliers of Kesko’s own brands of food products have international audit certifications that assure product safety.
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