Communications policy

The purpose of the K Group's communications is to promote the business of the Group and cooperation partners by taking the initiative in providing stakeholders with correct information on Group objectives and operations. K Group's general communications principles include reliability, openness and speed.

The primary objective of communications is to describe what added value K Group and its cooperation partners generate for consumers and other customers. The primary definition of communications is based on Kesko's strategy and values, which stress the importance of customer satisfaction and responsible working principles in all company activities. No comments are made on confidential or unfinished business, nor on competitors' affairs.

The President and CEO and the Vice President for Group Communications are responsible for Kesko's communications. The division Presidents are responsible for the division communications. The district directors are responsible for the implementation of stakeholder activities and communications in their respective districts.

An essential part of communications consists of cooperation with the K-Retailers' Association and the retailers. The image of the K-Group is mainly based on the operations of the stores and Kesko and on the communications and marketing of the store chains and other brands.

Guidelines for using social media is provided in the netiquette section. It is aimed to advise and encourage personnel in the utilisation of social media in various work positions in Kesko. The guidelines are available in Finnish and English on Kesko's intranet, My K. 

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