Responsibility programme

Kesko's responsibility programme applies to all of Kesko’s divisions and contains short-term, mid-term and long-term objectives.

The objectives of the responsibility programme are based on the impact of global megatrends across Kesko's value chain. Such megatrends include global economy, digital transition, increasing importance of corporate responsibility, climate change and changes in demographic structure.

The key, strategic objectives of our responsibility programme in all of our operations include:

  • committing to responsible working principles
  • building responsibility in society and communities
  • looking after the working community
  • providing reliable electronic services
  • responsibility in purchasing and product safety
  • offering services that promote customer wellbeing and
  • mitigating climate change.

The responsibility programme was updated during 2012, when stakeholder expectations and wishes were extensively examined using management and retailer interviews, benchmark surveys and stakeholder workshops. The updated responsibility programme was published in February 2013.

More information about the objectives and results of the responsibility programme is available in Kesko's Annual Report 2015

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